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We don't like Rules and Policy any more than you do but if we don't set some in place we don't have order.. 

All classes must be registered for via the website to secure your place in class.  This provides us with a printed registration form for each attendee.  There is no more signing up for class in store as that leaves room for to many mistakes.  This is for you as much as it is us.

All class attendants must be set up and in your seats ready to begin when class starts.  If class is at 10:00am please insure that you have arrived, set up your machine, computer etc and are in your seat ready for class to begin.  We all know there are technical issues on our part at times but once we work them out we need for you to be ready for us.  Basically what I am saying is please arrive 15-20 min prior to the start of class.

We also ask that you silence your cell phones while attending classes as it is a distraction to everyone.  If you must make or take a call please excuse yourself to the front of the shop or out the back door so that it doesn't disrupt the class.

We will no longer have classes that are listed advising you to contact us to register. For example our free software or machine training classes.  These now will come with a $1 fee so that you may register for the class online to better provide us with a listing of attendee's

Going Forward all classes are required to have at least 3 people for a class to "MAKE" and actually be held as a class.  If there is not enough to hold a class you will be refunded your class fee which will also serve as your notice from us that the class you signed up for has not made.  Registration closes 1 week prior to each class no exceptions.  This also includes your "Free" classes.

We do understand that it is always nice to have something to drink with you.  All we ask is that you insure it has a lid or cap on it at all times.

All classes are non refundable if you do not show up.  Cancellations will only be refunded for classes if we are more that 1 week from the class schedule time and the class is being canceled anyway.  You must notify us if the class makes and you call or email after the 1 week mark and class has made then there is no refunds allowed.

These Policy's are Subject for review or change at any time


Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at Noon to 1:00 pm